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Unwind Naturally with our Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillows

Embark on a journey of blissful relaxation with MDS Pak’s Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillows, where the human touch meets the soothing essence of nature. Our pillows, carefully crafted with plush comfort and infused with the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt, offer a unique sanctuary for your well-being. Experience the warmth and embrace of a human touch as you unwind naturally, allowing the tranquil energy of Himalayan salt to envelop you. Elevate your moments of rest with the harmonious blend of comfort and holistic rejuvenation found in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillows.

Our Therapy Pillow Range

Ear & Eye Therapy

Back Therapy

Neck Therapy

Spinal & Back Joints Therapy

Why Choose Salt Therapy Pillows?

The salt therapy salt pillow is filled with natural Himalayan therapeutic salt crystals. It is an economical, safe, and direct method of relieving pain, providing great relaxation to the face, head, back, shoulders, legs, spine and generally anywhere in the body. Large Eye and Ear Pillows are essential for relaxing the face.

Therapeutic crystal salts have an indefinite shelf life, are reusable, and are far more cost effective, safe, and effective than traditional medications.

Body Relief Pillows are the perfect treatment for sore necks, shoulders, knees, spine and elsewhere. Cold therapy helps reduce swelling and pain brought on by injuries and overuse. Doctors recommend cold therapy  as an anti-inflammatory for painful swelling.

HOW TO USE: Heat in the oven at 175 degrees for 10-15 minutes or keep in the freezer and use as needed. Therapy pillow with a removable, washable cover.

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