Light Pink Salt

Our Light Pink Salt Products

Light Pink Salt
Fine Grain

Light Pink Salt
Coarse Grain

Packaging Options for Private Labelling

Bulk Packaging

Printed Stand-up Plastic Pouch

Printed Stand-up Plastic Pouch with Spout Nozzle

Printed Flat Plastic Pouch / Pillow Pouch

Transparent Stand-up Pouch with Sticker

Transparent Flat Plastic Pouch with Sticker / Pillow Pouch

Stand-Up Paper Pouch with Sticker

Printed Stand-Up Paper Pouch

Shaker Bottles for Fine Grain Salt

Curved Glass Grinder

Plastic Grinder

Plastic Grinder

Our Light Pink Salt Shakers


Curved (Butterfly Cap)

Spices Shaker

Long Cap


Butterfly Cap

Card Box, Plastic Jars & Box Pouch Packaging

Card Box

Box Pouch Printed

Straight Jar

Square Jar

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