We need Himalayan Edible Salt in our daily diet in order to live and stay healthy. In fact, salt is very necessary for the human body. Salt helps to control fluid balance and the functioning of the muscles and the nerves. The human body automatically regulates how much salt it contains. Since the human body cannot produce its own salt, we depend upon various food sources to ensure our necessary daily intake.

Edible salt is produced in a variety of ways. We generally use sodium chloride as our regular table salt. It is actually harmful to the human body as it lacks many other minerals and natural elements which are available in only natural rock salt especially the pink Himalayan edible salt. Furthermore, it is extremely toxic. Some table salt contains aluminium hydroxide (a toxic metal). Few other forms of regular table salt are iodized. Although naturally occurring iodine is essential, but added iodine is considered a toxic metal and harms the human body in various ways.


Pink Himalayan edible salt is loaded with over 84 trace elements for the body and these natural elements are also the same of which our bodies have been built and originally found existing in the “primal ocean” from where all life originated millions of years ago.

MDS Enterprises provides Pink Himalayan edible salt and we ensure that it remains it’s purest and natural and it preserves all its natural elements. It is the purest form of salt in the world today. Pakistani Himalayan pink salt is mined deep under the Himalayan mountains formed over 250 million years at Khewra Salt Mine, the biggest therapeutic salt mine in the world.

So if you want to stay healthy and keep a perfect balance of fluids in your body, do add pink Himalayan salt to your food. It also helps balance high blood pressure or low blood pressure.