Private Label & Packaging

We provide private labelling and packaging service to our customers for their products. We deal in wide range of private labelling types like labelling on Boxes, Jars, Paper Bags, Pouches, etc.

Private labeling is often seen as a win-win situation.  For your products, you will have considerably more sales with private labelling than you would without private labelling. Don’t forget to remember that private label packaging represents products that are created by your company and sold under your brand.

Our Private Label & Packaging Service Includes

Simple Pouch 950gms & 450gms
Pillow Pouch
Plastic JARS
Glass Grinder JAR
Plastic Grinder & JAR

Products Packaging

Right kind of packaging is an Art. We provide various kind of carton and grinder packaging.

White Flap Box in Master Carton Packing
Big Tile Bubble Wrap Packing
Individual White Flap Box Packing
Big Lamps Corrugated Wrap Packing
Shrink Wrap White Box Packing
Tile Packaging